Early childhood at the moment have become familiar with the technology around him. For those of you is one of the android user, then do not blame your child, if they are interested in smart phones.
6 Tips for Choosing Android Games For Early Childhood

The age of the children is where brain development is very fast. Brain development is necessary given the stimulus to education, one of them with the Clash Royale Hack media game that is on your android.
PlayStore is a storehouse of game android best boy and popular education that you can download for free, in addition to giving a sense of fun for children, but also provides lessons that can called the play while learning.How to? For more details, then check alerted below. What is included early childhood game?

Numbers and Addition

This game invites your child to learn to count in the form of a game and a wide variety of fun animal characters. In addition, paly game in which there is such an adventure in a meadow, but still invite your child to hone skills in computing. This game application designed untukl children aged 3,4,5 and 6 years of primary school ready to ride.

Virtual Pet, My Booung

Virtual pet game, my boo is a game pets. This game teaches children about responsibility for their pets with how to feed and care for her.


A game which introduces various types of existing bnatang. Game is very interesting because it is decorated with pictures of cute and could steal the users ie children. Besides introduced to a wide variety of animals, children will also be introduced to what foods are suitable for livestock.Database aniword alone has 36 different animal species, the average livestock.


LEGO® DUPLO® is one android game very interesting, because it offers a kind of application that fullcolours lego games where the children are going to be asked to ride a train from one station to get to other stations. Kids can also select and train carriages, building bridges, refuel, and create a new train line. This game, very suitable for children aged 1.5 to 5 years, because these applications provide a stimulus to the thinking and creativity of children that age.

Carnival of animal

In the application there is a carnival of animal material digabunkan music with a series of pictures of cute animals. There are many things that can be learned from this application, especially for children aged 2 to 6 years old are considered able to accommodate many new things quickly, one of which is music. In fact, many experts believe musical ability DAPT determine the intelligence of a child, so many children were included in various activities in the art of music. Besides music, the children can also find out the names of the animals that are in this application.

Fruits and Vegetables for Kids

Is a free educational game for children age 1 to 4 years, to teach them about fruits and vegetables. You together with children can watch together a beautiful picture of an assortment of fruits and vegetables, while learning to introduce the name of fruits and vegetables.

Such tips android interesting about android game early childhood, may give you inspisari in educating children in a fun way. Good luck for the game.