Despite being the most popular smartphone platform, it does not mean everyone is satisfied with the current Android.

Some users still complain about the shortcomings of Android below which makes them prefer the iPhone or iPad instead of a smartphone / tablet Android.

The latest version of Android, Jelly Bean,  is Restore chk file already better than its predecessor. But the latest version of Android is still rare in the market.

Here are eight Android weakness most often gets complaints from users.

Things are still a weakness of Android

  1. Android still sounds a bit complicated
    When buying Android phone / tablet, you are required to learn a lot more than the iPhone, because Android has widgets, apps , and many other settings that you probably never knew each sekali.Contohnya such as Samsung Galaxy S3, which has many cool features. One is the automatic photo sharing via wi-fi, which unfortunately turned out to require a lot of settings.
  2. Entertainment content on Google Play is still less than the iTunes
    Although Google Play Google already filled with several entertainment content such as TV shows and movies for rent, contains a large selection of entertainment is still lacking compared with those in iTunes. About the Google Play music also still do not have the music for Warner, one of the four leading music label.
  3. Lack of cool accessories for Android devices
    iPhone design attractive, appeared to be supported by the makers of accessories with complementary accessories that make cool and nice-nice . Yet somehow Android does not bring the enthusiasm for the maker of accessories to create interesting accessories for Android devices.
  4. Graphics and animation in the iPhone still finer
    Hardware acceleration is a process where the smartphone can switch between GPU (graphics) and the CPU without using large amounts of memory smartphone. It already exists on Android devices since the early version, but is limited to only a few features, such as pull the notification bar to bawah.Perangkat Android does not use hardware acceleration in full until the Android version iPhone 3.0.Sedangkan already using hardware acceleration from the beginning, so the iPhone creates user experience more pleasurable note, the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean is already correct these shortcomings very well. So the user experience becomes more smooth and no longer nge-lag or hang. But unfortunately only few Android devices with Jelly Bean on the market
  5. The threat of malware / virus on the operating system Android
    Because Android is open source and users can install applications not from Google Play, Android devices are more susceptible to malware and application pirated / counterfeit.
  6. Application quality is still slightly
    Already from the first applications on the iPhone looks better than its Android version.Likewise, developers tend to release quality apps to iPhone first, and only after it was ported to Android.
  7. The fragmentation of
    Android devices varied, ranging from the sophisticated to the Galaxy SIII cost-festive phones  made in China . It is named fragmentasi.Fragmentasi make quality smartphone be different, the developer was forced to make many applications can be adapted to the shape and size of the screen on existing Android device.
  8. Android Updates are not directly available to any device

    Google released the newest version of Android, Jelly Bean last July. However, most Android phones today still use OS Gingerbread version, which came out about one and a half years ago. This is due to smartphone manufacturers are more likely to modify the Android OS for their devices, so some manufacturers require additional time to offer an update. The safest way to ensure you always get the update, is to use the original device from  Google,  such as the brand  Nexus .