Android Game Reviews Ninja Kyubi Naruto . Do they remember the Japanese anime films with the main character who wore orange and yellow-haired and very popular? yup well once the anime movie is Naruto . After the success of anime films that are favored by Clash Royale Hack Online many people, this time Naruto appeared on android game Ninja Kyūbi.

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The game developed by Game 1stBest mobilegameupdate. net has reached version 1.0.1 in which the android devices that can play this game should be android version 4.0 and above. Please if you want to try this game because Kyūbi Ninja game can be downloaded for free at Google Play .

Kyūbi ninja ninja has the same character with the characters in the film as a character Naruto Sasuke, Garra, Naruto, Sakura, Zabuza, Lee, Hinata, Temari and many other characters. For the characters in the game Ninja Kyūbi is divided into several classes or levels ranging from ninja ninja D levels, ninja level C, B, A, S and SS.

Characters at every level in the game Ninja Kyūbi have different qualities because the lowest is the ninja level D and the best is the level of SS. All characters can also increase its capacity in both the technical and ninjanya levels.

In android game Ninja Kyūbi at the earliest time we play it will appear beberaa server which we will play later and now has reached the 12 servers. While in the main menu very much at all so it will be explained in detail so easy to understand and play this game, here’s a little review of the game Ninja kyubi:

1. Menu bottom of the screen game Ninja Kyūbi .

Here we will find some kind of menu that we can choose by touch button (+) located in the lower right corner, after being touched by it will appear hidden menus such as:

  • Rankinglist

Menu Ranking list data ranking : Ranking list of combat power, Ranking list of stage, Ranking list of senior ninja trial, Ranking list of level.


  • Team

On the Team menu we can choose any characters to be used, here provided only 3 slots for where the character will be used.

  • Deploy

Here we can regulate the ability to join forces to become a combo skill.

  • Ninja

Characters ninja we have can be viewed here. There are three menus appear on the menu that Ninja Ninja, Equipment and Training. Here we can put on ninja gear by selecting the Equipment button and selecting what equipment will be used.

  • Laboratory

Grade or levels of ninja character in Ninja Kyūbi this can be improved on this menu where there are three menu contained herein are the Combine, Soul Fusion and Sill.Combine menu is a way to improve the grade on the character as an example ninja who has a grade / level D can be combined with other ninja characters resulting grade / degree C.

  • Forge

To improve the equipment or supplies can ninja setting here. All the ingredients to create and increase the level of ninja gear can be improved by combining some of the existing material to produce a great tool and as desired.

  • Warehouse

Warehouse is a place to store equipment, items, equipment or also can be regarded as a bag.

  • Clan

And can be said as we can figure skating federation diamana with other players to become a unified whole.

  • Friends

In this Kyūbi Ninja game we can play with other friends who also play this game.