Definition of ornamental plants  or in scientific language Ornamental plant is a plant flowers or leaves that have shape and beautiful colors. Ornamental plants are usually developed by generative and vegetative. As the advance of civilization era, ornamental plants usually identical with plants that have flowers, stems, branches, leaves, roots and an interesting aroma and has a high aesthetic value.

Ornamental Flower Kenanga

Ornamental plants have many variations and Tanaman hias also various types, both locally and non-locally. These plants have a fairly high economic value, so it is very exciting to be cultivated. Interest planting ornamental plants are not always to enjoy its beauty, but also the function of these plants. For example mosquito repellent plants are widely grown around the house.

What definition of Ornamental Plants?

Maybe you’ve heard the term houseplants, but do you know what the definition of ornamental plants? Ornamental plants are plants that are grown outdoors or indoors to create the impression of beauty and interest. So ornamental plants serve to create beauty and attractiveness on an object.

Are all decorative plants will be considered beautiful by everyone? The answer is no.That’s because every person has his own perception and judgment in determining beauty.So the beauty in every person will always be different.

Benefits of Ornamental Plants

Besides having a high aesthetic value of ornamental plants also have some benefits for everyday life and industry. Here are some benefits of ornamental plants in economic and social life.

Benefits of ornamental plants in economics

  • Open up new business opportunities that can provide jobs in various regions in Indonesia.
  • Ornamental plants produce quality and grade.
  • Being one of the commodities that are traded with a sale value is high enough.

Benefits of ornamental plants in the field of art

  • Enhance the beauty of the environment around the residence.
  • Utilizing vacant land for planting ornamental plants to make it look more beautiful.
  • Increasing greenery in the environment.

Benefits of ornamental plants in the field of environment

  • Maintain and improve air cleanliness.
  • Absorb water so that it can prevent erosion.
  • Mengemburkan land, so the land will become more fertile.
  • Making the surrounding environment became more calm and fresh.

Examples of Ornamental Plants

After knowing and understanding the benefits of ornamental plants, will now discuss some examples of ornamental plants, grown in Indonesia. Broadly speaking, ornamental plants are divided into two leaves of ornamental plants and ornamental plants flower. The second difference ornamental plants can be guessed from its name, the leaves of ornamental plants have a beauty on the shape and color of leaves. Usually the leaves of ornamental plants do not have flowers, so that the main charm only in color and shape of its leaves. Ornamental plants flowers are ornamental plants that have the beauty of the flowers. Types of plants is often used as an ornamental garden plant either indoors or outdoors.

Ornamental Leaves

Leaves of ornamental plants have the beauty of the shape and color of the leaves. There are various types of ornamental plants grown in the archipelago ranging from small to large leaved. There is that cost tens of thousands to hundreds of millions. Examples leaves of ornamental plants such as Anthurium, Aglaonema, Puring leaves, palms and other. Anthurium is one of the leaves of ornamental plants, grown in the Community. The uniqueness of the shape of leaves of this plant are diverse and have beautiful colors is one reason why this plant has a lot of fans. More detailed information regarding leaves of ornamental plants you can read on the article type leaves of ornamental plants are popular in Indonesia

Ornamental Plants Flowers

Definition of ornamental flower plants are plants that have flowers and are empowered to enhance the beauty of the surrounding environment. As already known that many types of flowers that exist in this world. Interest is also often used as a symbol of affection, so do not be surprised if most of the people expressed his love by giving flowers to a sweetheart. Examples of ornamental flowers are popular in Indonesia were roses, Munga jasmine, orchid, frangipani and many other flower varieties. To find out the types of ornamental plants flowers, you can read the article 10 of ornamental plants flowers are beautiful and funny .