Best digital camera 2017 – Backpacker to exciting new places become a trend nowadays. A backpacker synonymous really with people who love to travel but slim pocket. Finally all-round cost when traveling. Start not stay in star hotels. Wait until the discount prices of airline tickets or transportation -round economy. But backpackeran more interesting and more storytelling journey.


Go to where the new camera certainly can not miss. Now many people choose to shoot using a smartphone . The reason, of course because it is light and easy to carry. But, what if you bring a DSLR camera? Certainly not easy. Moreover DSLR camera plus lens is also quite heavy, certainly seized the place and energy while traveling alone. That is why we are sharing tips on keeping the camera when traveling.

1. Using a special camera bag

It sounds more extravagant, but it is important to maintain the security of your camera. Camera bag is specially equipped separate section in the store cameras. Each part is limited by a divider (foam separator) starting from the lens, body, flash, filters and even leptop. The camera bag has a lot of variety of shapes and sizes. No form of backpacks, waist bags and slempang on the shoulder.

Adjust to your needs. Although your bags are large, but you do not have to fill it up. Decide what is important and leave what does not need to be taken. Furthermore, when compiling the contents of the bag, fill a large and heavy first at the very bottom of the new, smaller and lighter.


Do not forget to clean the formerly all camera equipment. Still carries a lens cap, so that the camera free of dust. Prepare several small plastic bags and coat in a bag to keep – in case when rain. When all are finished, prepare raincover or cover bag to maintain the cleanliness of your bag of dust and water.

2. Fixed bring the camera while on the go

When in the course still bring your camera. Because after all DSLR camera price is not cheap. Cartilage from concussion or theft. When inside the bus, keep your camera bag lap. Meanwhile, if using air, do not check-in camera and lens into the aircraft baggage.

The risk of lost or damaged is quite large. Keep bringing your camera into the cabin. Folding tripod and enter first into the bag. Tripods usually, be brought into the cabin. Tripod put in the trunk also prone to breaking, it is stacked with suitcases. This is certainly a problem that is quite complicated. But relaxing wrote, you can  but leave at the OOG (out of gauge) plane.

3. Adjust the traveling Destinations

Adjust or adapt to the purpose of traveling is important. Backpacking travel to challenging areas such as the mountain climbing, rock in the ocean, waterfalls, beaches and deserts dangerous harmful to the camera. So, before you decide to travel first consider the route and site conditions. It is better you equip a DSLR camera with c foreigners hood in accordance with the lens on the camera. Casing hood is very useful to protect, especially DSLR cameras dust and water.

4.Tetap keeping the camera When shooting moment

When to shoot is also very important moment we keep your condition. Outside dust, temperature and humidity can esktrim and prone to camera. For example, when in the beach area, the humidity is very high, if not careful – careful camera will be exposed to water splashes. High humidity also causes the lens fogged so the result was not optimal. Lens fogged if not treated immediately will caused a fungus in the lens.


Do not forget to bring a cleaning kit lens, it is important that you can immediately cleaning the dirt while your lens is dirty . Camera cleaning tool is not just a rag or cleaning fluids only, but quite a lot. need to carefully clean the vital bagin such as glass lenses, front and rear, mirror, viewfinder, LCD screen, the camera body or even censorship.

5. Using Buble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a protective device that is used to wrap and protect the goods from impact or pressure. Bubble wrap intangibles such as transparent plastic paper but has air pockets / bubbles are very numerous.

If your camera bag is not enough. Can use bubble wrap to avoid shaking when traveling. We may not be carrying our cameras along the way. Besides going fishing crime, the camera will also be at risk for bumps and falls while on the move are demanding multitasking.