The car is one of the family favorites Indonesia vehicle, not just the design and performance of machines  and also luxury cars also have the function and usability are very important for those who need it. Indonesia is one of the country’s suppliers of vehicles with the biggest car types, and not just from Japan but country in Indonesia also has many types of vehicle car products from Europe.

In addition with the ever increasing prices of cars in Indonesia, not enthusiasts and car users not to buy a car. In addition to some of the more expensive the price of the car that he was wearing then it will indicate the identity or lifestyle of the person. In Indonesia many types and brands of cars at low prices as well as expensive, depending on the type, type and specifications. Diesel cars

Daftar Mobil SUV Dengan Mesin Diesel

Now for any engine variant, there are two types of engine options viz. Diesel engines and machines, or both types of Bensi does have a tough performance and also reliable. But this time we will discuss car SUV with a Diesel engine with a price that is affordable enough for you guys that thick marsupials. Some types of luxury cars such as the Mistubishi Pajero and Toyota Fortuner as well this time featuring a Diesel-powered and also formidable.

By wearing a diesel not only has a great engine power alone but beat the dihasilaknpun torque becomes larger and the sound of the car will feel rougher nampun tender when heard. This proves that the power cars with the larger engines compared to other machines. Well below are a few types of cars SUVS With the best Diesel engine has the best car and tough performance as well as more powerful. Here is the complete review.

1. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Dakar
  • Price: IDR 623 million
  • Car brand: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4 × 4 Dakar
  • Type of machine: 4N15 2.4 L MIVEC Turbocharged and Intercooled (EURO II)
  • Maximum power: 181 PS/8000 rpm
Equipped with the latest diesel engines from Mitsubishi with 2.4 4N15 machine type L MIVEC Turbocharged and Intercooled will make the performance of the car Mitsubishi Pajero Sport dakar it became more powerful. Meanwhile, with some modern features like alloy wheels with 18-inch size, the main lamp design more stylish with LED lights and a variety of other modern feature will make an appearance this mitsubishi cars cool and makin makin. For the price this car is quite expensive, because to have a car this SUV you have to menggelontorkan funds of around 600 million dollars more.

The spacious cabin design with more seating makes the pajero sport car holds about 7 passengers. Then with this mitsubishi car dilengkapinya with several advanced technologies make the performance of the car mitsubishi pajero sport dakar is the more resilient and the more reliable. In addition by using 8 Speed transmission system AT this luxury car making the more steady when digeber with high kecapatan. Then in luxury cars are also a tough suspension system with type Double wishbone type, Coil spring, and 3 links type rigid axle, Coil spring that would make this car the more comfortable when ridden.

2. Toyota Fortuner VNT TRD Sportivo

  • Price: IDR 494 million
  • Car Brand: Toyota Fortuner VNT TRD Sportivo
  • Type: Diesel Engine 2.4 L VNT
  • Maximum power: 149.6 PS/3400 rpm
Car design has a quite elegant with ample cabin room makes this very luxury cars favored by its loyal customers. The car launched by well-known vendor named Toyota equipped with formidable enough engine performance. In car SUV variants equipped with this type of petrol engines and Diesel engines that have a reliable engine performance and also powered. The existence of these options make it easy for the consumer to choose the car that has the name of Toyota Fortuner.

For toyota Fortuner Diesel engine variant equipped with the 2.4 L Diesel engine type VNT, the machine type is capable of producing maximum power sebesara 149.6 PS with a round on the engine reach 3,400 rpm. Meanwhile, with a snap of torque that is large enough to make the sound of this car is makin good to be heard as well as performance car engine is the more energetic. What’s with the Common Rail technology as the fuel intake system, making the rate of fuel consumption on toyota fortuner is more optimal.

3. KIA Sorento CRDI

  • Price: IDR 525 million
  • Brand Of Car: KIA Sorento CDRI
  • Type of machine: R 2.2 Diesel Engine
  • Maximum horsepower: 197 PS/3,800 rpm
The KIA Sorento is a one of a kind car SUV equipped with Diesel engine berkapasaitas 2,400 cc. This car has the ability to take out a maximum power of 197 PS with a round on the engine reach 3,800 rpm and maximum torque of about 27.7 28.2 at 1,800 up to 2,500 rpm. Origins of the Korean nation’s car is also equipped with automatic transmission system with 6 speed. In the meantime to provide comfort on a diesel version of the same riders with the gasoline version has features like anoramic Monocoque Body, sunroof, and an Internet connection.

Meanwhile, with the design of the car was quite elegant and aerodynamic with has a size dimension 4,685 1,885 mm x mm x 1,700 mm. With the size manjadikan in-car cabin space is becoming more widespread so that it is able to memnampung about 7 passengers. On the other hand is a pretty luxurious upholstery chic design with comfort padded seating makes pegendara and passengers more comfort while in the luxury cars at prices that are quite expensive. KIA Sorento cars in Indonesia this dibanderol at around 500 million dollars.

4. Hyundai Santa Fe

  • Price: IDR 539 million
  • Car Brand: Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Type of machine: 2.2 CRDi VGT-
  • Maximum horsepower: 197 PS/3,800 rpm

Offer price of around 500 million dollars and above, the car with the name Hyundai Santa Fe has provided with various types of modern features with advanced technology that exists today. Meanwhile armed with type diesel engine 2.2 CRDi VGT-making this car is capable of producing a maximum power of PS on lap 197 3,800 rpm. The resulting torque for this car also is great because with maskimum torque to reach 43 kgm range on 1,800 to 2,500 rpm mejadikan beat on the engine became larger and more energetic.

Then using a 6 Speed automatic transmission system make this luxury car the more easy to use. Then the car is also equipped with a more elegant body design with several features that are quite modern.

For the convenience of the Hyundai design give a dynamic and padded upholstery so that in addition to this car is comfortable when ridden, on space in the cabin of Hyundai Santa fe car you will indulge in with various features and sophisticated technology. It was simply not only will give a performance that is more on this car but this SUV car prices will be more expensive compared to other types of cars.

5. Toyota Innova

  • Price: IDR 432,200,000
  • Brand: Toyota Innova Car type Q AT Diesel
  • Engine type: 2-D SERIES 4 Cylinder In-Line, 16 valve DOHC with VNT Intercooler
  • Maximum power: 149PS/3,400 rpm

Toyota Innova is the latest regeneration of Toyota kijang long accompanied the family of Indonesia. Comes with a more modern design than the previous regeneration makes this impress toyota kijang car more luxurious and more aerodynamic. Dibarut with beberbagai range of exterior a more sophisticated and more modern performance cars will make toyota kijang is tough and stylish makin makin. In our variant armed with two types of deer of choice machines namely gasoline engines and diesel engines.

Well this time the diesel engines for toyota kijang carry type GD 2 FTV engines 4 Cylinder In-Line, 16 valve DOHC with VNT Intercooler. With the engine of the car toyota innova is capable of menngeluarkan maximum power up to 149 PS with round 3,400 engine rpm. Selian it beat a dihasilakan torque of any greater i.e. reaching 36.7 Nm range with 1,200 up to 2,600 rpm. Included in the family car SUV, toyota innova with type diesel engine is in baderol at around 400 million dollars and above.

6. Isuzu MU-X

  • Price: IDR 443 million
  • Car Brand: Isuzu MU-X
  • Type of machine: 2499 cc 4JK1-TC Hi-Power 4 Cylinder
  • Maximum power: 136. PS/3400 rpm

As we know, Isuzu is one of the most popular car brand in Indonesia. In addition the Isuzu is known to many people by the expert in diesel engines. Perfoam offers engine with Direct Fuel Injection Technology Comonrail machine mamapu the release of 136 PS of maximum power at 3,400 rpm. The torque on the beat is quite large i.e. 32.6 kgm at 1,800 range up to 2,800 rpm. This machine is also equipped with an Intercooled Turbocharger system VGS (Variable Geometry System) make sure the response round round of the perfect machine at all levels.

Carrying the name Isuzu MU-X, cars that have a design more elegant and more this in medern value is quite expensive. But the price is expensive you will be pampered with a tough diesel engine performance and bertenga. While it has a size of dimensions approximately 4,825 mm x 1,860 mm x 1,840 mm this car will be more visible bongsor. Then the car is included in the family SUV car is also equipped with a number of modern features that will make the car became more spacious and more sophisticated.

Well that’s the last few types of cars SUV with a diesel engine that can we pass on. In Indonesia there are many car SUV with a Diesel engine that has enough performance tanggu and also reliable. However, some types of cars with diesel engines diata is the type and brand of car SUV with a diesel engine that we often encounter in the streets-Street ground water.

Not only has the look of a luxury car just yet the price of cars SUV with a diesel engine it is quite expensive and not all people can own and feel the luxury car. So that we can pass on information about Car SUV with the best Diesel engine, hopefully this information can be useful for you all.