Not everyone has a vast land to build houses, the limitations of the area became a challenge in order to create a small and beautiful shelter, avoid too many partitions and interior spatial planning is the key factor in creating a comfortable home for occupy, not unlike the case with the design of the house to sleep, despite having a narrow space that we must be precise and meticulous detail bedroom so that was more extensive, well want to know how to design a narrow bedroom? okay on occasion modern bedroom sets now we will review how sich designing a room that has limited space to feel comfortable.

small bedroom

Space small bedroom will surely make space resources are limited, therefore it is necessary in designing this room, both in terms of the selection of furniture and utilizing empty space in the room, avoiding the selection of furniture that are eating places would make the room would be seen more narrow, for it is a solution you can apply shelving wall as a storage such as books, shoes and others, to get an impression of interest you can choose the type of wall shelves with beautiful design as currently available on the market or if you want a more unique you can booked myself on a craftsman to create one according to your wishes, then is harness empty areas such as under the bed as storage alternatives.

For our wardrobe could use a mini closet, its small size will make the small room feel larger , adjust the exposure of sunlight through a window, other than good for health, the rooms you also will feel more refreshed because of the circulation of air.

Staining be quite vital in designing the rooms are cramped, do coloring paint matching and not too much color blends, it is because the will to build an image of narrow and supek, you can choose colors such as white and soft colors like beige or otherwise, how could up here you’ve got an idea in designing rooms that have a small space, for more details I will present some examples of a small bedroom is beautiful and interesting.

Sample Image Narrow Yang Comfortable Bedroom




Wah..albeit narrow in size when we designed it properly then a good result too well. That was some information and examples of design cramped rooms that magic into the cool and interesting, hopefully this article can give you a motivation and inspiration in designing your bedroom better yet, you can also read the other articles in order to make the dwelling into a dream home for you and your family.