USUALLY people consider storing food in the fridge can make the food last a long time. However, did you know that some foods can lose flavor and texture, more convenient stale or sometimes blackened when kept in the refrigerator?

Offered from the Daily Mail, the following is recommended for food which is not stored in a refrigerator.

1. Tomato
Ever eat a tomato that tastes not very tasty? There is a possibility that tomatoes never stored in a refrigerator. The tomato will lose its taste in the refrigerator because cold air stop the ripening process the tomatoes. Cold temperatures also change the texture of tomatoes, so that fruit tasted mushy and will appear the spots on her skin. Tomatoes can be stored outside the refrigerator to get some fresh tomatoes.

2. Basil
When a lot of people feel guilty about forgetting to keep Basil in the refrigerator, the research even shows that keep Basil in the refrigerator is not the right thing. Storing Basil in the refrigerator will only make it faster, wilted Basil will also absorb surrounding smells throughout. If you want to get the Basil in a good condition, store it in a glass of clean water like flowers.

3. Potatoes
Store potatoes in the fridge can make flour substances contained in potatoes turns into sugar more quickly. That way you will get the potatoes that were too sweet and textured like sand when cooked. Store potatoes in a paper bag in a cool place.

4. Bread
Many people assume that keep bread in the refrigerator is a shortcut to make it long-lasting in fresh State. But in fact, the cold temperatures will make starch substances crystallize faster than at room temperature. This quick process that will make hard bread and rotten.

5. Coffee
Want fresh, strong coffee and it tastes? Avoid storing them in the refrigerator. Coffee will lose its taste when stored in the refrigerator because coffee absorbs odors in other foods. Keep coffee in a dark place such as a closet. If you have a coffee in large quantities, store in the freezer.

6. Banana
The banana is a tropical fruit, bananas are suitable in temperatures so warm. The cold temperatures even will interfere with the process of ripening of bananas, to the extent that all banana Green will remain green forever. Banana peels will also blackened when cooled.

7. Watermelon
Research from the U.S. Department of agriculture found that melons stored in room temperature contain more antioxidants than that stored in the refrigerator. The researchers also said that fruit that is stored outside the refrigerator will last longer than the ones stored in the refrigerator. It feels will be more fresh.

8. open canned food
According to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, don’t save canned food that is already open in the fridge. It can make the metal in the cans with food in it. Move the canned food leftovers into glass containers so food stays fresh and healthy