Good morning all, no one likes to watch a movie here? course you definitely love to watch movies if yes what more intriguing films such as the comedy Indonesia or action such as foreign films. Also intriguing if for example be able to watch as he invites my friends or boyfriend.

But this time mimin going to share how the hell do movie theaters via online at Android phone . Actually a lot of apliaksi that we can use for watching movies on the phone . Even if we want to find turns out many applications in the Google Play Store, and a more exciting again that the app is free my friends.

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Well here will introduce an application that is pretty good in terms of watching movies via hp in this application you will find a lot of recent movies. But not only new film, even old movies that have not had time to watch you in this application. But you need to know my friends, if the application is only showing film dalma English so we all just deh hehe while learning English.

How to Watch Movie Theaters in Android

  1. First of all you have to aplikasinyad first, download the application Showbox . or here (2MB) via 9Apps.
  2. Now install on your Android and open.
  3. Now you can watch a movie with ease in Android.
  4. This application has a download feature that can allow users to download movies, so if you want to download just press the download button. But if you just want to watch it just simply press the watch now .

You need to know that this app requires an internet connection to watch via online, so advice from mimin mending strong you are on a network such as free wifi or something ya let gk exhausted your internet quota.