you have a small living room? That’s not a bad thing. In fact, some say the tiny living room even more comfortable.

Difficulty small living room is how to put furniture and fireplace mantel ideas arrange. But do not worry, because few tips from me  This you can do:

Organize Small-Space Living Centre (

Create Single Object Focus


One option is to make arrangements chairs facing one focus. For example the seat could be made facing the bookshelves, furnaces, televisions, or painting. In this way, the arrangement of seats in any form will keep everyone sitting in the living room will see the intended object of focus.

As the room for a chat


Another way is to arrange the chairs so be room for a chat. Arrange the furniture so that there is access for people to be passing easily and so that everyone can sit facing each other. You can group chairs and sofa in a place that makes it easier to create interaction.

Note Balance and Harmony


If you are a person who watched the balance and harmony, arrange the furniture by thinking about how the arrangement of seats will be continuous with the decor in the living room.

If you put a sofa in one room, balance it by placing two chairs at the side of the room to create balance. Note also that the small room does not need to fill the big furniture-a sofa big enough.

Create Boundary Space Children and Adults


For families who have children sometimes find it difficult to give a clear boundary between the play area and an area for adults, especially in small rooms. Use a simple partition to reinforce the boundary area such as a small table or sofa.

Select Furniture Specific

Before planning to organize your living room, select a specific re-furnishing the most important and should be incorporated into the living room. Get rid of furniture that are likely only going to make the living room becomes increasingly narrow.

Starting from the largest set furniture, such as sofas, then set it on the seat across the room.Among sofa and chair, put a small table and make sure the table is not in the way.

Note Lighting


Lighting is one important element. A small living room can look dark and gloomy if less lighting.Keep the guest room has a light bright enough.

Better if the living room has large windows so that natural light can enter. In addition to using the lamp, you can outsmart by choosing paint brightly colored walls.