crab saoory

Enjoy the refined compel the crabs while doing fish therapy will surely give you an incredible sensation. It can be enjoyed in the Restaurant gave the Lasco De different nuance in addition serves a variety of refined gourmet resep kepiting saus tiram and many menu of Indonesia.

Peanut sauce crab dishes, fried chicken special combo, CARP with pesmol sauce, Sweet Sour chicken and oyster sauce, black pepper, salt to egg mushroom Sauté-sauté the mercon spiciness nagih tongue feels sway enjoyed it.

Not only in the outlet De Lasco on Jalan Tirto Supreme Puppet Banyumanik, but also in its newest outlet in Jalan Citarum 40, visitors can enjoy different therapeutic food sensansi fish for free.

Lasco De Restaurant Manager Arif Son Solanki Wicaksono reveals, this fish therapy became one of the attraction for the visitors including his first outlet not far from the exit Toll Banyumanik Ungaran. In the second place it strategically enough, De Lasco brings the flavors of a dish with a variety of transformations that have been modified in a way that feels more modern and can be enjoyed a variety of walks of life.

Wrong cursor highlights there was crab peanut sauce. Unlike a marinade Satay in De Lasco, this fried crabs given sauce made of peanuts. The taste is sweet, spicy and seep up into.

In addition to meals in the form of a variant of tripe fried rice and seafood, salt pepper mushrooms, typical drinks like ice De Lasco, Es Oyen, Es Teler, Blue Lychee Soda, Mocca and juices can also be friends hanging out. Expected De Lasco Citarum outlet can become a representative alternative especially for the meeting because it is equipped with meeting facilities are air conditioned, spacious parking and wifi connection.