honda cbr250rr
From Indonesia to the world. That’s the real message from PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) through the launch of the All New Honda CBR250RR.

Housed at the Ciputra Artpreneur, Jakarta, Monday (25/7/2016), All New Honda CBR250RR already labeled with a variety of special predicates including ready set the standard for premium motorcycles in Indonesia.

Be even more special because it has been developed by engineers of the homeland is collaborating with Japan’s engineers and manufacturing team produced AHM in Karachi.

AHM is not playing in the development of this CBR250RR. Developed based on a basic philosophy of Honda in designing motorcycle supersports i.e. apply the highest caste of motor racing. This motor should be able to follow the wishes of the rider, turned quickly to the intended direction, stop and do an accelerated as the rider wants. All movements are easily done by motorists so as to provide a sense of security and confidence.

In the end the rider feeling all there under his control to drive anywhere. This is referred to as “Total Control,” a key concept in developing All New Honda CBR250RR.

The wide variety of the best technology ever embedded.  With the adoption of the technology by wire throttle that works using the accelerator position sensor so that it can be applied to features riding mode.

The next deployment front suspension upside down join add value more All New CBR250RR.  As in post that In the sectors of machinery, AHM has pinned the heart of a new generation of 250 cc 2-cylinder DOHC promising acceleration and performance line bikers.

A new machine that you steel truss frame that is designed to run low in the middle. Purpose is to make riding more comfortable position plus bracing design.

Turning to the body, a theme that is proffered “Speed Shape” have an attractive appearance with functional aspects followed who was able to bring the fun in driving even before this bike is ridden.

AHM has opened the tap. About 135 Wing dealer and dealer Big Wing ready to serve preorder exclusive treatment to motor after-sales service for owners of All New Honda CBR250RR.

The special treatment it of them fast track, extended service warranty service reminder Cards, until the regular maintenance (C.2.C what are).

Consumers can identify the Honda Dealer in the form of Wing signange ‘ Wing ‘ that were installed in the designated dealer AHM.

Yes, this is the commitment AHM in answering Passion and interest in motor sport fans high in Indonesia.