As we know sales Honda Mobilio in Indonesia is very convincing and even become the biggest contributor to the manufacturer PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) for two months beginning in 2016. Car Low MPV is even becoming the choice of families in Indonesia together with Suzuki and Toyota Avanza and Ertiga.

But it turns out that the popularity of the Honda Mobilio in Indonesia is inversely proportional to that exists in India. In the country of the Hindustan MPV a mainstay manufacturer origin Japan was relatively poorly and wasn’t even able to compete against other competitors. In fact, according to the news circulated that if the situation failed to improve production from Honda Mobilio then threatened to be stopped.

Honda Mobilio

That is because in two months beginning 2016 this Honda Mobilio in India was only able to sell very minimal amount. In January, for example, this cool design MPV sold only 441 units while for February just 226 units. However, according to the local automotive media cessation of production of the Honda Mobilio is not a bad thing because they still have new products i.e. Honda BR-V.

Honda BR-V itself became a new weapon for automobile recall the letter H logo car SUV debuted in Indonesia that brings the look very classy but harga honda vario 125 esp still not leaving the hallmark vehicle SUV. Not to mention in the price of competitors Toyota Rush 7 Seater also belongs to cheap.

India’s own automotive market have also been dominated by Low-end models start SUVS such as Hyundai and Renault Creta Wheelbarrows. This is what makes India very optimistic Honda party was able to achieve success with the birth of BR-V according to plan will be produced by the factory Honda Tapukara, India.

For additional information, In India, Honda Mobilio was sold with two different engines, gasoline and diesel. For the version of the gasoline itself is divided into three variants namely E variant being marketed at a price or of INR 6.49 lakh or around Rp 124.1 million, or Rp 7.51 lakh INR 143.6 millions to variants of S and INR 8.78 lakh or Rp 167.9 million to variants of V.

And to type with diesel engines, there is a variant of the E with a selling price of INR 7.89 lakh or around Rp 150.8 millions, variants S INR 8.60 lakh or around Rp 164, 4jutaan, variant V INR 9.60 lakh or around Rp 183.5 millions and last variant of RS INR 10.86 lakh or Rp 207.6 millions.