How to Choose DSLR Camera For Beginners. DSLR cameras lately become a separate trend in Indonesian society for thinking about a course with a DSLR camera can be his own prestige to the wearer. In addition to our DSLR camera can produce images good pictures that we can plug in various social media that we have. DSLR fever is now increasingly flourishing because many of them popping up a DSLR camera with a fairly affordable price. For those of you who want to buy a DSLR camera following tips on how to choose a digital SLR camera for beginners who need to be noticed.
 always faithful to pair the camera

DSLR Buying Interest

When buying electronic devices be it a computer, laptop, mobile phone or digital SLR camera that first we have to consider is the destination of the goods we buy.If we buy a DSLR camera has just to do not need to buy an expensive lah or a professional. Just enough to buy a DSLR camera for the class of mediocre but if we buy it intends to explore further afield it is necessary to take into account other factors such as price and specifications. Most did not buy was the semi-pro DSLR camera for the semi pro camera is the one most suitable for beginners. Examples of semi-pro cameras is the Canon EOS 60D and Canon EOS 70D.

Budget or Funds

What is important is the fund set up to buy a DSLR camera of course. After determining the purpose of purchasing a new camera is we start looking for these types of cameras is matched by the budget or the funds we have. For the price of its regular DSLR camera about 4 to 5 million, while for the semi-pro camera has its usual price range between 9 to 15 million rupiah. As for the professionals usually ranges above 15 million rupiah there is even worth hundreds of millions of rupiah. But if we are beginners who want to explore the hobby of photography should select its semi pro that price range in the 10 million rupiah.


Some say that buying cameras do not use the brand as a primary consideration for each camera certainly has its advantages and disadvantages of each. But according to my personal brand needs to be considered also in the choice of camera because of course the famous brands are already many wearing her it means there are many people that we can engage with the use of the camera. So the more users it seems to me the better the quality of the camera and the easier it is also looking for a solution when there is his problem in DSLR cameras that we use.