Besides beautify the appearance of plants, as well as to stimulate flowering. Plants that make negligent pruned branch growth is irregular so impressed mess. Tanaman Hias pruning also aims to life cycle of pests and diseases.

cara memangkas ranting bunga adenium

The branches that grow irregularly trimmed immediately. From the branches cut off, would later appear new branches. Branch desired retained. Thus, the appearance of the plant is compact, short and dense. In pruning should use a sharp knife and clean. Once trimmed, the cut stems smeared Benlate fungicide that is not rotten.

Pruning should be done in the morning so that the wound dries quickly. Avoid pruning during the rainy season for pruning scars easily rot if exposed to water.

Plants that have been trimmed put into place that are exposed to sunlight. Within 7-14 days after pruning, the plants will bring up a new branch buds. Hose 5-8 weeks later, the plant will bring flowers.


When the plant begins to swell and does not match the size of the pot, the plant should be moved to a larger pot. The goal for the roots to grow up and get nutrients and water more. The transfer of the plant to another pot or recently known as reppoting.

Prepare a pot plant that will be replaced, the media, and a new pot. Flush plants that will be repotting with water until saturated and leave for 5-10 minutes. The goal is that the media do not break when unloaded. Furthermore, the plant is ready in-reppoting as follows

  1. Prepare a pot larger replacement. Cover the bottom of the pot with styrofoam. Alas to prevent stagnant water in the bottom of the pot.
  2. Fill the planting medium sufficiently and evenly to cover the styrofoam.
  3. Remove the plant from the old pot by turning. Try not to break the old media. The trick, hold the pot with his right hand and turn the plants down slowly. Unplug the pot to the top with the right hand. At the time, the media directly held by the right hand, then turn the original position.
  4. Enter the plant carefully into the center of the new pot. Next, enter the same planting medium with the old media to near the lip of the pot.
  5. Flush until the water out of the pot and place the plant in a shady place for a month. The leaves looked fresh and green signifies the plants have grown well.