To my friend who had just bought a car either new cars or used certainly need the right treatment so that in addition to durable cars are also still look good even though it was quite a long time, many of us who have cars just hang to the service station monthly, although it is not one way but many desail-detail of a car that can only be known by the owner only, either new or used car certainly will always need the best care.

Good on the outside of the car as the car paint glass and lamps also took care of a lot of cars at the lights dewy and even then there are the tips, in addition to the car interior parts should also be considered to be more durable also definitely a lot of parts that support , do not forget also on machine parts where regular maintenance important things than that set the right time for an oil change, check the brakes and the important thing is to do warm up a car every day before use. if the car has rained so try to flush immediately with water car before pal input into car garage with a cloth wipes also have a smooth surface to avoid scratches on lap use a car that has a rough texture.

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How to Take Care Car

Car care matic and manual is certainly very different, but usually bigger only on the machine only for the exterior of our opinion is still the same, the addition of features in a vehicle such as a car also will certainly make my friend pay attention exstra against and maintenance, always a choice of accessories are true and attach by a mechanic who is an expert, this is done so that the car is not damaged by mounting additional accessories are installed incorrectly, especially if up to be a hole in the car body.


It is most common in new, not yet adept is the problem berets for wrong parking, for a friend who recently had a vehicle car certainly the car park is of mind especially when in a narrow and there is no parking attendants, but for some latest car already features automatic parking where this feature is very helpful for new in , nab following are tips Recent Caring True car .

1. Keeping the Paint

How to Take Care Car True first is in the paint, when we first saw the car definitely on the display, one of which is influenced by the paint used and the quality of its paint, many factors affect the paint becomes damaged, one was scratched on the car body are usually because of the parking and scratching so make sure this does not happen, otherwise it while washing your car do not forget to use soap that is specific to the car and not just any, of the cloth used is also smooth and does not damage the car’s paint and of course the car park with a car cover to avoid humid and hot sun.

2. Fuel

One that affects Caring Cars True is the use of fuel, we unknowingly use fuel that is dirty can greatly affect the performance of the engine in the car, try each is traveling buddy had to refuel and fill in an official place so seteril and no mixed materials that will affect the performance of car engines, car fuel fill pal in place official fuel to avoid things like that.

3. Oil Change Car

How to Take Care Car True one by regularly doing the right turn of oil, according to my friend need to provide a journal for time change oil can in the book or the easiest was in own smartphone pal. usually the car had time to change the oil at the time was a distance of 5,000 km, but for my friend who is often involved in a jam then we highly recommend to make the turn every 7,500 km, then exchange at the official oil changes and choose the best oil for cars buddy.

4. Air Radiator

Many of us are so forget it, the water radiator is also very supportive Prominent on the car mate, Caring Cars True one of which is the replacement of the water radiator is right, do not use water radiator were dirty and carelessly lest car cooler pal charged much dirt because it uses water carelessly, my friend can buy water radiator in stores that offer you should use water radiator with a brand that is recommended for cars buddy.

5. Use of Transmission True

One of the tips keeping the Performance of the engine optimal is Transmission true, for my friend who has just had a car alias has not been too adept car certainly need to frequently improve the ability to be more reliable and well aware of using the car’s transmission is correct, both transmissions automatically or manual both require different handling, our advice to my friend who had bought the car is doing the course and ask the steering wheel with the engine transmission detail really good moments certain conditions.

6. Periodic Service

Do not forget to perform regular service, usually sercis periodically also includes a variety of things including the Giving exterior of the vehicle sobar, clean the interior of the vehicle pal, oil change, the addition of a liquid radiator, penggecekan condition of the battery or car battery, checking brake fluid as well as complaints from the car owner should not forget the monthly service can also be made in place to ask my friend first car to my friend who still lay especially for the female buddy course this is very important.

How to Take Care Car
Keeping vehicles buddy’s always in top condition is important that your vehicle is durable and long lasting as well as providing comfort and safety in driving. my friend can do routine maintenance of your vehicle as stated in the guide book for your course owners who buy this new car will usually get books both matic car or a car with a manual transmission also have different treatments. a case in which the mode of its transmission on matic and manual has a much different pattern.

By doing the right treatment, the car’s performance will be maximized and the car will be longer component life span. Damage or malfunction in the components of a system in the car is a result of lack of maintenance. Not infrequently due to negligence led to events such as brake failure, wasteful fuel, decreased Prominent machine down the engine. information Tips on How to Take Care New Car A Right may be useful to man.