Theatrical performances in Bandung the most se-Indonesia, but poor performances spaces
The stage theatre shows in Bandung until this month was recorded reaching 137 performances. That number makes the Bandung city with the highest number of performances in Indonesia.

Lecturer Theatre Arts Institute of culture of Indonesia (ISBI) Bandung, faith Dharma said, the shows held in the Sundanese language Drama Festival (FDBS), Teen Theatre Festival and the National Theatre Festival.

“There are 137 shows in Bandung until this month. It became a city with the most theatrical staging se-Indonesia, “said Faith of Dharma in Bandung.

That number is not included with staging-staging Theater in other areas in West Java. While the achievements of the Group Theater in West Java also mencorong. ” Jabar national champion continues, “he said.

According to him, the tradition of the play is very important to instill a love of the culture of the area that gave birth to the passion for the nation.

But on the other hand, areas in West Java, including in Bandung is still deficient buildings shows that representative.

“The spaces of culture in the impoverished West, for example when I performed in Cianjur, was fried pisan, smell and dirty,” he said.

So also in other areas such as Subang, Kuningan, Cirebon, Majalengka, Sukabumi, and others.

“If asked whether there was a new building was constructed a new art in West Java this year, or at least be fixed? The answer is no. It becomes our concern, “said faith.

Thus there is the demolition of the old Arts building. For example recently an art building in Jalan Merdeka, Bandung, disassembled into the parking lot.

Not to mention the building Foundation Cultural Center (YPK) that the roof collapsed. “The art community in West Java a lot once, but like the orphans had no space,” he said.

He questioned, where the role of local authorities in such conditions that concern?