MarketingSocial media marketing is increasingly evident, along with the rapid growth of social media users in the country.

The Ministry of communications and Informatics notes, Facebook as one of them, is the largest social media services with active users in Indonesia until the quarter I-2016 reached 84 million people.

With the number of users on the ground that much Water, Facebook became one of the graded right to market the product in cyberspace.

However, according to practitioners in the field of internet marketing (internet marketer) Iqbal Maulana, not all sellers know how efficiently to market their products via social media services.

“Actually, there is a wide array of marketing tools that will facilitate the users in marketing its products. One of them, Facebook Pixel that is part of a feature on advertising that can easily analyze each visitor who comes, “said Iqbal through his description.

He explains, using Pixel, marketers can capture more potential consumer. By using the features of advertising it, potential consumer can be re-disegmentasi with the concept of retargeting.

He said, based on the Baymard Research Institute in January 2016, on leading websites, only about 30 percent of prospective buyers who decide directly purchase the product at the first visit and it turns out the remaining 70 percent went to leave the site without buying.

Generally, he’s obviously, this concept means to do follow up on every ad that launched with a target of potential buyers who previously visited related sites. The process, he said, have the respective matrices should note carefully. However, the fact that there are still many online businessmen who have yet to figure out important things.

For the sake of facilitating the marketers, Iqbal Redience launch applications that can make it easier for the online business running various marketing techniques in social media Facebook, specifically retargeting.