Many women do instant way such as plastic surgery or injections for the sake of beauty to be perfect, not all operations are done running smoothly. Nicki minaj before plastic surgery some women experience various problems after surgery that can be dangerous if left unchecked, there are various signs to worry about post-surgery.

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According to plastic surgeon, Enrina Diah, Sp.BP-RE, the reaction may be seen by operating what is done.The failure of the operation also can only be known by a plastic surgeon, generally after having plastic surgery, the patient will come back for control after three days.After one week, the stitches will be removed and visible progress for a month.

Usually patients whose operations succeed it does not feel any reaction after one month, but not all patients have the same conditions, growth was seen up to three months to determine whether or not the results of the operation.Doctor Eddy Karta, SpKK, added, not all operations have the same impact.

Generally, the results have been nice to 3 months, for example the action using filler material or thread then an immediate failure can be known after the action.for filler material that is not safe, for example liquid silicone body rejection reaction that forms the granuloma tissue so that it looks swollen and red does not mean not directly visible, it can be several months or even years later.

The side effects of each surgery is different, Enrina doctor also said to be alert for signs redness after doing construction on the nose.If the tip of the nose to experience the red berkepanjang it is a sign of trouble, immediately see a doctor who performed the surgery in order to quickly acted upon.

Not only the nose, you also need to pay attention to side effects after breast implants.If the breast to feel hard, painful, experience complications, until the bleeding must be addressed immediately.It’s a sign there is a problem of operations performed.

Dr Enrina advised to be aware of danger signs early postoperative unless it is a healing effect, usually only when the swelling is normal postoperative effects.

Various negative effects of plastic surgery:

The side effects of anesthesia
In any surgical procedure, including plastic surgery, anesthesia is needed or it could be called a sedative so that the patient does not feel pain during surgery knife slicing their skin.But keep in mind that any anesthesia have side effects such as damage to the brain, nerves, temporarily paralyzed, airway constriction and heart attack will depend on the sensitivity of patients to these substances.

Some time after surgery, the patient will usually experience bleeding that can lead to complications stage if it does not immediately stop.Blood clotting happens afterwards will also make the skin color to blue-black or purple called hematoma, hematoma sustained can make skin tissue dies and causes other problems such as infection more severe.

Please note that on each operation process, a doctor should be sewed back part is slashed, and it will result in significantly visible scars in our face.These scars are difficult to remove unless we do more costly treatments that can remove these scars.

Not as desired
impact of the most troubling of plastic surgery procedures of the face is the ultimate result is not satisfactory, use an expensive doctor was not necessarily guarantee the success of an operation in beautifying our faces.

Some artistsHollywood and prominent public figures also had plastic surgery failures that ultimately make them sorry for having done so, lips become too thick or too pointy nose that will only make us look very fake and looks like a drag queen.

Moreover, the use of silicone orGore-Texto change the shape of the lips, forehead, and the others will also be very risky because it is difficult to remove or permanent.Therefore, it would be very difficult to fix if the end result is operating deemed not to our liking or exacerbate see us, so for you, especially the women who want to add to her appearance with plastic surgery is highly recommended choose a physician who already are experts in the field ,But if that was not the essentials really do not do it, the better appreciate the gifts that God’s love for us.