ox-tail soupThe raingfall Bogor City, it is worth confronting with something that brings the warmth in the heart. one boil ox-tail soup with the broth steaming could be one option.

Ox-tail soup Ma’emun arguably the legendary ox-tail soup “Rain City”. The name Ma’emun is derived from the name of Siti Maemunah, the founder of the so-called Mak Emun by children and people in the vicinity. In the stalls who inherited the recipe name, Mak Emun is written as Ma’emun.

The hallmark of ox-tail soup Ma’emun buntutnya meat that is tender and capable regardless of his bones, but it still has little taste chewy.

Although very tender flesh appearance when served fresh with impressed the inside still appeared a bit reddish color.

To gain a sense of tender meat, oxtail beef braised for hours. That way, the fat contained in meat can opt in to come out and give a savory flavor.

To offset the taste of juicy meat, oxtail served with pieces of carrots, cauliflower, and sliced green onions are cooked separately. On top of it sprinkled with sliced celery leaves, and fried shallots.

In order not to crumble when cooked, a collection of pieces of oxtail meat bound with rope twist young bamboo. If the buyer wishes, the meat is maintained within the coils of rope bamboo when served.

However, in General, beef oxtail was served in a State already separate from the coils of rope bamboo. There are three or four big groups of meat served in a bowl along with the vegetables.

His successors do not remember exactly how many years Ma’emun began to open stalls sop buntutnya. One nephew, Nuni Apriyani (31), given the great-grandmother used to say, it’s actually selling soto in a way to stay under the trees.

One day, his yard is used as a place for slaughtering sacrificial animals while Eid al-Adha. Ma’emun then asked to cook the ox-tail soup of oxtail beef animal sacrifice.

Apparently, the delicious Ma’emun cuisine left an impression on the tongue of many people. Since then, the Ma’emun began selling ox-tail soup.

Now the legacy of the recipe is passed on in the form of four ox-tail soup stalls that use the name Ma’emun. Each is managed by the grandson and nephew, i.e. ox-tail soup Ma’emun-managed Mother Nunung and ox-tail soup Mang Endang (Incu Ma’emun).

Both locations are only a few 100 metres on Jalan Sudirman. There is also Ma’emun ox-tail soup (Bu Imas) at Jalan Raya Bangbarung number 1 and ox-tail soup Ma’emun Sancang managed in the way Mother Pipit.

Nunung, the Imas, and Pipit is the grandson of Ma’emun brothers, while his third cousin is Endang grandson Ma’emun.

All four use the same recipe. With resep sop buntut sapi stuffing vegetables are only slightly varied. If then there is a difference in perceived taste, it influenced the cooking.

For example, in managed Ma’emun ox-tail soup, taste the gravy Nunung sopnya tend to be more savory and a little thick with meat that is tender.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy the ox-tail soup with flavours that light, lebin can visit the stalls of ox-tail soup Ma’emun (mother of Imas) on the streets of Bangbarung Kingdom. “If for a recipe, all the same. Live how each cook it, “said Nuni, Nunung children that also manage stalls.

According to Nuni, every Member of the family Ma’emun are allowed open stalls by using the ox-tail soup recipe and name Ma’emun. However, the process has to go through approval and rembuk families.

Ox-tail soup Ma’emun apparently a favorite among Bogor Palace, at least as told Ira and Nuni. According to Ira, denotes the arrival of ever order the ox-tail soup to be presented to the President. At that time, the Government of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).

“If Pak SBY hell indeed had never come directly. However, the courtiers who came to inform it when that ox-tail soup for Pak SBY. Usually ordered ox-tail soup and crackers, “says Ira.

Ox-tail soup orders also came into the stall and Nunung managed Nuni. Several times, a reservation was accompanied by the then bustling denotes guarded by uniformed officers.