Currently hard to get the seller cardboard quality. Though the need for boxes for various purposes is increasing. This is influenced by the development of trading activities in Indonesia. Moreover, coupled with the growing information system, so that trade can be done through the media online . Sure to send the product sold must use safe packaging of which is to use cardboard.

Sell Cardboard Archives

In addition to packaging needs, cardboard is also Pabrik kardus commonly used to make a variety of crafts with various shapes. Various works made of cardboard to meet the needs of furniture or as items to decorate the room to make it look more attractive.

Line cardboard needs of SMEs is also increasing, they used to use cardboard to make the product packaging such as shoe packaging, packing a jacket, or other products. Increased need for cardboard packaging market was not offset by the availability of goods. Therefore, many manufacturers of cardboard that sell their products at a great price.


To meet the market demand for cardboard packaging needs of many end who opened a business making cardboard packaging, which are . The company provides various types of cardboard for various purposes such as Carton Box, Cardboard Box, Cardboard Box, Cardboard, Single Wall, Double Wall, Packaging, Duplex, Duplex, Paper Tube and various other types.

In addition to the types of products above we also serve custom design according to the needs. If you are still confused packaging designs will be made to consult with the marketing team, we will try to provide assistance to find a solution to your problem.

There are 3 reasons why you should entrust the packaging cardboard to us that:

  • Our company always carries a variety of innovative development of the latest techniques in the production of packaging cardboard box
  • The price we provide affordable and very competitive
  • We will work on every booking cardboard box professionally

Here are products of cardboard packaging that we can do.

cardboard Archives


This cardboard is used to store archive files, documents or important files. Cartons can be stacked so that your files will be neat. Materials used using corrugated wall with good quality so that more robust.

The carton has a hole on each side making it easy to carry. Dibundle / fastened flat in sheet form for easy storage and shipping. Sold per bundle, the price is per 1 sheet of cardboard box / carton.

Cardboard / Box Shoes


Cardboard shoe has a hole, suitable for storing or shipping the shoes. Another advantage is easily molded, available in brown.

Cartons / Cardboard Box for Presents


Cardboard this model is made of single wall corrugated cardboard types with good quality, so strong to carry. Has a handle making it easier to bring these cartons. Available in several sizes so you can choose the size that suits your needs.

Cartons / Box Pizza – Brown


Pizza Box is suitable for wrapping pizza or other food. Pizza boxes are available in various sizes, so you can look for the size that best suits your needs.