Reza rahardian

Despite his success in the film world, Reza Rahadian will not forget the world of theatre. Movie player My Stupid Boss does her acting career from venturing into the theater. Reza even been playing Theater since I was in junior high.

5 March 1987 born actor considered a bygone art theatre performances as the beginning of his plunge to earth movie. With the maturity and experience in the theatre to make Reza became one of the actors in the country.
“Arguably the theater that made me love acting. The theater is a deep longing and could materialize again may be the maximum, “says Reza Rahadian found in the area of Kemang, South Jakarta, some time ago.

Reza Rahadian myself again acting at the theater through a themed performances Cover Flowers ‘ Century ‘ which produced Happy Salma. The show will be held on 25-26 August later in Jakarta art Building. “In my role as the theater Minke, a Javanese intellectual youth, he as a journalist in that era. Opposite me great people as well, “the light of Reza.
“I was really enthusiastic. What else can I be the same duet Lukman Sardi, since he’s one of my Idol and now be acting together, “Reza Rahadian demolished.
In addition to Reza Rahadian, those involved in the shows ‘ Closing ‘ Century Flower was Happy Salma, Lukman Sardi and Icelandic.