Plastic surgery process step by step in accordance with the type of plastic surgery is becoming pal.Better known plastic surgery or plastic surgery so the trend is currently ya buddy. In addition to the shortcut to get a beautiful face beautiful, shapely also can realize the ideal body shape slender, catwoman plastic surgery sharp nose, sexy lips, white skin glowing like an angel, as well as other physical perfection which has long been a dream of all people.

plastic surgery process

But you know my friend that behind the plastic surgery is able to alter the physical appearance turned out to be through the process of operation is very terrible.. scary and extreme was the principal. Come together we peeled in this article how the hell scary and extreme plastic surgery process.


Process Plastic Surgery

some types of plastic surgery that is known; in society and is often done by many people of course process vary according to the type of plastic surgery performed. And processes several kinds of plastic surgery, among others:

Aquiline nose surgery in order
to make the nose look sharp, nasal bones seemed higher (augmentation rhinoplasty), then how to insert new bone implants such as silicon or imitation bone taken from the patient’s cartilage. Sure to insert the implants required broke our operations and cut the nose to freely insert the implant.

Eye surgery that seemed to increase the crease of the eye (double eyelid).
You do this by cutting part of the eye in order to get a double eyelid eye pattern that is appropriate, even if it is still lacking, will be forcibly bone erosion eye in order to obtain the pattern of epi-canthoplasty or enlarge the eyes.

Operations make the nose becomes longer
operation Rhinoplasty is known that the size of the nose is longer. It is common for patients with a snub nose and nasal bone so short. You do this by inserting the implant both silicon and imitation bone of the patient’s own cartilage taken from other body parts. Sure to insert, make ideal nose pattern required nasal surgery with a knife slice.

Liposuction in the abdomen (abdominosplasty)
operations to get a slim stomach, the stomach of the patient should be sliced in the abdomen and chest to fat accumulates.

Breast surgery (breast augmentation)
Cutting and chest muscles during surgery surgery increase breast size (breast augmentation) then inserts the implant both silicon and imitation muscle of other body parts of the patient.

Appointment pockets of fat cheek (buccal fat removal pads)
Lifting pockets of fat cheek (buccal fat removal pads), must dissect the cheek and raised fat which accumulates on the cheek.

Lip surgery
Dissecting and insert the implant in the lips with silicon so lips look thicker and sexy.

Operation buttocks (butt implants)
Dissecting and wrenching buttocks (butt implants) then form a pattern and inserts silicon implants muscles or imitation of other body parts.

Operation remove wrinkles
Laser face to remove wrinkles (full face laser) where it feels like burns sick.

To remove wrinkles on the face of my friend, do not need to feel the pain because ahrus knife incision surgery, my friend can choose the natural way that is safe enough to be my friend did. Read on How to Best Natural Facial Skin Tightening

The process of operation ya pal, in addition to pain, slashed, cut, inserted implants again. Already then, it was the risk of failure of plastic surgery too big. Patients not only experience an infection due to the surgery, the melting of the implant that is inserted will be the new trigger illness as well as injections of botox and lipo cellulite are also at increased risk of disease due to chemicals not make patients gorgeous, sexy, and have the ideal body and the corresponding desired, but instead of disease and make such terrible shape.

Impact Awful Plastic Surgery

Lots of people who have failed plastic surgery. As a result of plastic surgery, botox injections, liposuction cellulite and others who initially had a pretty face, even became worse and terrible. Who are they? Among them are: La Toya Jackson, Donatella Versace, Michaela Romanini, Daryl Hannah, Doly Patron, Hang Mioku and Jennifer Grey.

They are examples of people who failed plastic surgery and had to undergo a terrible risk. Let us be grateful for the face and body shape us what ya buddy.

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