vario 150

The All New Honda Vario 150 with technology Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) and Fuel Injection (FI) produced by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), in fact, already has a look that cool Jack. It turned out to be more performing cool again Jack despite only altered in a simple.

Is the New Motor created Sportv (BMS), as the workshop is trusted by AHM modifying Honda Vario 150 eSP. According to Ary retainer, BMS, all concepts born of the AHM, BMS live working on just what the will of the AHM.

The concept that diusungpun belongs to the simple, according to Ary, AHM give the concept of Street Racing Low Rider. The concept chosen, because the AHM does not want to discard the existence of genuine Honda Vario 150 eSP.

In explanation, the impression of the Ary Street racing is seen in terms of brake discs front rear, which uses a master brake caliper juxtaposed with the TDH Nissin innate Honda, either front or rear. Then sitting on the single model made.

As for modification harga honda vario 150 with the handlebar steering Ary, use the clamp of aftermarket handlebars. Speedometer using digital model from Koso. So that the display looks simple front fender is not mounted, so too the air filter removed.

The impression of low rider can be seen from the large tire usage either front or rear. On the front of the rim using width 3.5 inch diameter 14 inches, bandaged ban Swallow City Gripper 120/70-14. While the wheels of the rear rim tread width 5.5 inches combined tire Deli Tire 140/60-14. Parts of the legs using suspension upside down, while sok rear screw model using 360 mm.

For exhaust gas channels still use the original default, but He shut it down using the condom is made of fiber glass. Done working on foot-kai and bodi, Ary pun do a painting that was given by Tomi Airbrush, with a choice of white color.