Kawasaki Ninja sport motorcycle is one of the most famous in Indonesia. With a sporty body and ability above average, this motor streaked became one of the rulers of two-wheeled segment 2-no Homeland.

Kawasaki did indeed originate from Japan. The name “Ninja” ever so thick with sunrise. However, did you know, the origin of the name Ninja himself was not coined in Japan, but rather North America?

Yes, the word was first used Ninja Kawasaki GPz900R named for motorcycle, which was launched for the North American market in 1984. Previously, the name for this bike only GPz900R. But because it’s hard to remember, then Harga Motor Ninja the unambiguous Word Ninja.

Unexpectedly, the addition of one word it is so effective. Motor is so famous, even had time to go in the movie Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise. This bike also was awarded as Bike of the Year by automotive magazines in many countries.

the appeal of this bike is its renewal. This bike is the first in the world to have a 16-valve engine, liquid cooled, inline four-cylinder engine. In addition, the diamond frame, full fairing, and other features as well so-lift the popularity of this Ninja ancestors.

The motorcycle was developed over six years. With engine capacity cc 908 GPz900R Ninja, capable of producing energy by up to 115 TK. this Output allows the GPz900R reach maximum speed of 243 km/h, the fastest among other factory standard motor. The question of speed also so the attraction of this motor.

Ninja GPz900R continually produced until 1996. In those days, Ninja-ninja is another hold on the make. One of them is Ninja 600R, made a year later. This motor was also successful in the market, while other manufacturers make tempting similar.

For example, in 1986, Honda CBR600F later released. This was replied to with the release of the 600RX Ninja and Ninja 1000R.

Back to ancestors of the GPz900R Ninja, begin to lose prestige in 1990, when Kawasaki ZZ-R1100 released. The latter model is made to be the flagship model replacing the GPz900R. In 1993, the Ninja GPz900R must stop, 1996 in the United States, and the last in 2003 in the country of origin themselves, Japan.