Car sales in Australia grew 3.6 per cent in May 1999 with a total of 96,672 units, compared to the same period a year ago i.e. 93,372 units.

Car SUV class to boost sales volumes with growth of 5.5 percent. Then, what is the best selling car for sale in Australia?

Is the Hyundai i30, which was successfully ranked best seller for three consecutive months, while Toyota remains the most popular market for Australia.

Hyundai i30 sold 3,771 units throughout the month of may, exceeding Toyota Corolla (3.333), Mazda 3 (3.243), Holden Commodore (2.255), VW Golf (1.753), and the Toyota RAV4 (1,960).

In the SUV class, total sales reached 36,230 units, sticking to a strict passenger car sales which sold 38,222 units. Most SUVS are bought throughout the month of may 2016 is the Mazda CX-5 with 2,117 units sold.

But the number-two best selling car in Australia turns out Toyota Hilux, which was recorded on the market sold 3,675 in country Australia.

Based from otobib and other automotive blog, Toyota is still a very dominate auto sales, with the closest competitor to IE, Mazda, which grows 7.7 per cent compared to the same period last year.

Until the beginning of June this year, Toyota sold 80,261 units of automobiles (up 0.1 per cent), while Mazda sold 48,518 units.

In the next position is a Hyundai that sells 42,050 units. South Korea origin manufacturer has already managed to shift the position of number three from local manufacturer Holden since the year 2015.

Ford, the manufacturer of the original United States, securing the fifth position, with sales growth of as much as 16.4 percent. Half of Ford’s sales are for the kind of Ranger, the next Territory–made in Australia.

Throughout the first five months in the year 2016, a total of 469,571 units of new cars sold, up 3.8 percent compared to last year.