Who does not know seblak? Simple meals typical made gourmet crackers is quite popular, especially in the area of West Java. Not hard if we want to taste this snack. Now, many stalls or carts a pitchman hawking food.

Actually not hard if we want to create seblak. Simply Saute crackers who’ve simmered with onion, garlic, kencur, chilies and a flavor enhancer. We can add a wide variety of toppings to taste. Then be chewy-textured foods and has a nutty taste and refreshing.

But has it ever crossed our minds, what this unique food come from? Although famous as a food typical of West Java, some sources mention, seblak comes from the area of Sumpiuh, Central Java. Because, seblak is very similar to the little people’s food from Sumpiuh i.e. Krupuk dished with the already popular since the 1940s. Seblak is indeed similar to the culinary overview it’s just popular new seblak around the year 2000.

But it turns out seblak is also well known in southern Cianjur Area from the time before independence. This food is food alternative House of weak economic community as a replacement for the hawker.

Now along with the times, resep seblak has many variants. Starting from seblak crackers, macaroni, yellow bones, tofu, meatballs, dumpling, batagor, until noodles. In fact, now there is also seblak in the packaging that fast. Seblak becomes the food that many fans, particularly for the young. With a chewy texture, seblak kala eaten very hot and spicy.