cbr250rr repsol

CBR250RR Repsol Edition

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has not provided the motor sport CBR250RR version of Repsol. Typically for this type of motor sport AHM also prepared a Variant that is identical to that of the MotoGP.

For information, this motorsport 250cc per unit Harga Honda CBR250RR estimated with at 70,4 million USD, while the version for Repsol with ABS price will be more expensive, i.e. reached IDR 83 million.

In fact, the new motorcycle from Honda is claimed as a potential challenger to Kawasaki Ninja 250F1, where the price for one unit of Kawasaki Ninja 250F1 dibanderol USD 58.2 m, 250F1 SE LTD Rp 61,9 million, and 250F1 ABS SE LTD Rp 68,6 m.

Marketing Director of AHM Margono Tanuwijaya reveals, in making a product it considers input from consumers. As far as this being arguably a bit of Repsol.

Honda, each making the products, determine the color, stripping, we ask to consumers. And here’s the thing, it turns out after we launch, without a contribution, Repsol most is the black.

He explains, this is a consumer grade CBR250RR middle up. They tend to prefer the natural conditions rather than got glue such as MotoGP livery.

There is indeed a consumer enthusiasts who like that (Repsol) but we also don’t forget with consumers that are more exclusive.

He exemplifies the Kawasaki with the color green. According to Margono, being more green than other colors. Not much different this also applies on Honda products.

There are devotees (Repsol), but big. The greatest contribution of proven right is black. Kawasaki green lots. That is to say if consumers are high they more toward natural color was. For example the Supra 150 GTR most colors are also black. So we make a product tailored to the request of our customers.