Choose a used car is not an easy thing sometimes. Because the used car market offers a variety of options with the selling price. Each model certainly has advantages and disadvantages that can be tailored to the needs of prospective consumers.

If you’re looking for a used car to go home hometown with family, you could consider a Suzuki Ertiga. Until now, the model became one of the best selling MPV in the market used cars. There are several advantages to offer seven-passenger transport-power cars, such as the interior that looks fancy and suspension are judged more comfortable than other competitors.

suzuki ertiga



In Indonesia, Suzuki Ertiga for sale in several variants. One of them is that you can select are Different from GL. type type GX, this type is not yet equipped with features supporting the safety of ABS and EBD, steering switch control panel and chrome.

Behind the hood there is a four-cylinder engine capacity of 1,400 cc Suzuki’s flagship MPV. is offered in two variants of transmission, namely manual and automatic. For transmitting matik indeed suitable all-round streets jammed. It’s just manual transmission is rated more responsive and easy to care for.

Suzuki Ertiga equipped with engine capacity cc 1,373 K14b which has maximum power 95 Ps with torque 130 Nm. Several features embedded on this car was the alloy wheels, Power windows, power doors, 2 DIN audio, fog lamp, the stop lamp, double blower AC.

Interestingly, the buyer can inspect the condition of the Suzuki Ertiga the former using the equipment provided Suzuki. Price or harga suzuki address with a manual transmission ranging from Rp 140 millions. While the automatic transmission version sold for about Rp 150 millions.

For the matter of maintenance, MPV the symbol’s ‘ it’s at least got a routine servicing every 10,000 km. However, if it is over 3 years old it is recommended to perform servicing every 5,000 km On the mileage do the replacement of the engine oil and oil filter. While the great services you can do on mileage 40,000. This service is performed by replacing the engine oil, transmission oil, oil filters, tune-up, replace the spark plug, change oil radiator, replace air filters, filter air conditioning, brake oil change and brake services.