Tips on choosing a quality power bank . Smartphones of today is not a luxury anymore nearly everyone already has a smartphone privacy, ranging from communication to the affairs of the work can be completed using a smartphone, I wonder if the man of today has a dependency on the smartphone.

But some of the shortcomings of smartphones raises a number of supporting devices of which in this case is the power of banks , the function of power bank would have a lot to know that as a gadget charger out dor or portable charger . now has a lot of brands Power Bank on the market there are quality poor but cheap and there is a topnotch quality, here you need tips on choosing a bank safe power for your gadgets and your budget.

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Most smartphones have a capacity of less than 1500 mah battery means just simply used the span of + -12 hours of use with high intensity such as gaming, internet social media etc.

Another thing also needs to know the battery smartphone also has a different human lifespan battery smartphone age by time charger which average only about 400-500 times charger only, after which the ability to save power will decline, it’s a good quality battery, while the abal abal usually 50 times charger already decreasing the ability to hold a charge.

It is enough for the introduction of power bank , go to the main discussion of how to choose a bank that great power for your smartphone , here I will peel his secret. read carefully.

How to Choose a Good and Qualified POWERBANK

  • Determine POWERBANK capacity you need.
Before starting all stages of selecting POWERBANK you should first determine POWERBANK capacity you need. like for example if you have a smartphone is its battery capacity 1500 mah then you should buy POWERBANK capacity on it eg 4000 mah, mah 5000 onwards depending on your needs if.

How to calculate your time on a smartphone charger POWERBANK enough to share with a total capacity of POWERBANK you with your smartphone battery capacity if the capacity POWERBANK example if you 4000 mah and your smartphone battery capacity 1500 mah mah then counted 4000/2000 = 2 times charger.

  • observe its
Well this is important enough to be in the know There are several features that accompany power bank for example, feature ” Over Charging protection ” is a useful feature automatically disconnects power when charging is full.
  • Observe brand / brand. 
select brand POWERBANK a good and reliable on the market, here are 5 brand power bank Good quality on the market.
      • Vivan . Vivan power bank already stout in the know and believe by custmer in Indonesia, besides Vivan are companies that are long enough to produce powerbak meaning is undoubtedly capable of producing POWERBANK high quality, Vivan also in the value of a capacity of pure / impure or also in call capacity and in real estate also has a battery that fits thrust for smartphones so friendly to your semartphone.

        But besides the topnotch quality Vivan product also has a relatively high price, this would be a major obstacle for those of you who have a mediocre budget. But you do not have to worry about some of the products that stand under license Vivan offer affordable prices but kualitasya also topnotch. among Robot, cenda and Scud.

      • Hippo brand is also reliable in the market with the quality of its production. besides producing a battery for power bank hippo also produce battery for cell phones and smartphones.
      • Advan . Although these products are relatively new in the market POWERBANK but these products also have a pure capacity that has been proven by the customer .
      • Sony . Brand Mek is certainly already quite familiar heard in the market because in addition to producing power bank Sony also previously produced smartphone. Power Bank sony known brands are very good quality and design of its products is also cool and elegant impression, but in addition to the quality and good design and unfortunately for these products on average in bandrol at exorbitant prices. for those of you who have a high budget POWERBANK is very in right for your recommendation.

Xiaomi products are also newcomers in the recommendation to you because, the quality is also quite topnotch and the price is not too expensive nor too cheap to be the choice of many people. but be careful to buy this product make sure you buy this product in its official distributor. because some of these products there is a copy of that alias series products KW . then you need to be careful.

  • Observe the Product Warranty
We suggest you choose a product that has a warranty of 1 year. and make sure the warranty is not authorized warranty counter or personal guarantee. KW many products on offer at a low price and a 1 year warranty as well but is not an official guarantee.
  • Observe Your Budget
Well the latter after a few points above the then observe your budget, if you have a low budget you should choose the power of banks that costs classified as a category of middle there are some of the leading brand that also offers a product with a friendly price as the authors describe above.

Now that’s some points that need to be taken into consideration before you choose POWERBANK that fit your needs . Tips distinguishing power bank KW and genuineyou need to be careful in choosing a product POWERBANK do not let you choose thepower bank Abal Abal / KW in the offer cheaper and usually capacity listed in the packaging often does not make sense to the size of the unit, do not be tempted on the amount of capacity and at a bargain price, it should have been you should be suspicious, most of the KW product has a high capacity but with a large unit that is small.