8 Ball Pool is a game of billiard online video games are quite popular, the game is initiated. You can play this game in a game application on Facebook or  site directly, the difference is only on the user. So if you play on Facebook then you will meet with opponents, who are on Facebook as well, just as well when you play.

8 Ball Pool is a billiard simulation game that can be played multiplayer, or more than one person, and even some tournament event that you can follow. This game can be played on PC, Android and IOS, if you are playing on your laptop or computer then you should have installed adobe flash player.

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Tips To Always Win Main 8 Ball Pool

Tips To Always Win Main 8 Ball Pool

In this article I do not discuss the tricks cheat or cheat to win to continue playing 8 Ball Pool, because I do not know whether there is a cheat for this game which work 100%. The way that you can win them in this game of course have to practice to hone your skills.

But few tips from me the following may help you to always win, or at least not always multiply finished coins you play this game, the following tips:

1. Select the appropriate billiard sticks

There are many choices stick billiards in the game 8 Ball Pool’s, all of which have varying performance and price. The more expensive clubs is of course the better the specifications of the stick, eg from power, long lines (AIM), the spin and the  extra time given. Here’s stick billiards in 8 Ball Pool I recommend to you:

If the stick above criteria are not to your taste, can also use another stick that you like and do not forget to adjust your budget for each game how many times you have to do Refill (charge). Please use the stick that feels most comfortable to use and do not be too mutually – dressing stick, in order to  feel it more.

2. If possible, make sure you win in the shot the first ball in the first innings

If you are given a chance to poke in the first game, do not waste – waste these opportunities. You have to give the best shot, make sure the ball went in and everything was scattered no trailer or attached. As this is the first recommendation of the shot position:


The position is the position of the most widely used in the experienced players in the 8 Ball Pool. You can also try other variations, usually about 2 ball position as the above would have been more profitable. I’ve put five balls at once in the first turn.

You need to consider if your power stick is  low then it is likely the white ball will go into the hole. So my advice to use Spin, as the next step:

3. Use the Spin to control the white ball

Spin or effect of spinning the ball should be utilized properly. If you do not understand well how the effect, the following explanation:


  • Backward direction: The ball bounced backward after collision
  • Directions fore: Ball drove forward after collision
  • Right direction: The ball spins to the left after collision (the effect is less felt)
  • Left: The ball spins to the right after the collision (the effect is less felt)

In addition you also have to adjust the strength of the shot, do not let the ball bounce somewhere unrestrained by poking abroad – random. Except in less favorable conditions.

4. Predict where the ball will stop

Perhaps those who are new to play this game, definitely a bit difficult to predict where the ball will stop so you can not determine how the next shot. Key in order to determine where the ball will stop is to set up a power shot and also the combined effect of (spin). Do not just poke and profit – profit, because you can create victory.

5. Play in calm conditions and mood

If you’re not focused or not in the mood, then you would be hard pressed to concentrate to play this game. Adjust your seat as good as possible and serelaks possible. If you’re not in the mood and a lot of thought but would like to play this game, try selecting match by betting coins smaller than usual.

6. Lots of practice

The more often you play and meet a variety of typical opponents with different skill abilities will make you more good at. Level will go up and your flying hours will be higher. You start to get a feel of the game, calm and able to control the ball well cessation.

From some of the tips above, I suggest to focus on point number 3 and 4 for those of you who are not beginners nor master. Oh yes, how much is your coin in this game and at what level are you? if i had 2.5 million coins and has reached the level of 110 tablets.