What does not connect with tips and travel information if I wrote about how to choose a camera for travel and recreation? Associated times yes !!! If baseball ya linked alone anyway would have nothing to do he he. Mboh ..

waterproof camera

I still want a story like this:

Although henpon now there are a capable camera, but for some people still considered less than perfect when traveling without carrying a camera. DSLR still be preferred to photograph and produce good images. However, there are shortcomings that bother taken for a walk or travel ria.

I had an experience when a family did travel to Jakarta . There is a difference in my opinion far between hunting with recreation filled holiday with the family. Mix with hunting gear finally busy with preparations photograph that I take quite a lot for my size at that time. I feel bothered when traveling the other day it would have to carry all the gear hunting, ranging from the big DSLR, tripod, filters and multiple lenses to be mutually. Wife sewot pokona mah

The hunting is obvious target object to get a good photo. The focal point is on the photo.While the tour is to enjoy the journey more while the photo to capture the activity. May still be merged both, but believe me, the two are not optimal results. Despite obtaining good images will remain deficient. In terms of recreation will be reduced side enjoyed being too prepared to get a good photo.

Now the era of practical camera to get a good photograph and a lot of choice. I chose a mirrorless camera as a camera in the right to travel. Much smaller than a DSLR, lighter but image quality is not inferior to a DSLR.

Donk continue what camera should be selected:

I use the modality wrote it because some of the points below is a mirrorless camera that I want:

If I have money, said people do not glow so it has no camera was necessary financial considerations, I will choose the Fujifilm X-T1 or Olympus OM-D E-M1. Why choose a second? Because the former is used by my friend and the results ciamik dah. Top. While the second, iconic photography Indonesia use the camera as its main camera. Who else if not Dervish Triadi . Sony is also worth a glance as there mirrorless who has a full frame sensor, such as Sony A7R. Price ? Well here it is, the range includes a lens we can mengeluarga between 20 million and up to hard ngitungnya. Hehe. Expensive yes !!!

If my budget under the first one, I would choose the Olympus EPL-7 … Because I saw her picture in flickr admirable example. Make kesengsem. The price could be issued up to 13 millions was complete if we also want to have a short telephoto lens to shoot something rich kids agility Aiko.
If my minimal budget, and weve again eh minimal. Suffice had Olympus EPL-3 . This is what I use some time ago. Petite, not cumbersome, and can dikantongin in my vest. The price? Browsing aja yak hee hee
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I am using Olympus EPL3 tiny and practical. Photo by: Ms Imelda Coutrier

Keep on other equipment?

I recommend take just gorilla tripod. Kayak image below. It’s really strong enough to support the mirrorless. There are small and large sizes. Select large aja. Do not bother really. Its function is remarkable. Can be wrapped in an iron fence, a tree, or made up in various contours, because it really flexible.

Gorilla pod
Gorillapod. The picture is forced to borrow from amazon.com, because I had the blue ilang somewhere.hee hee

If you love taking pictures in dark spaces that need extra light or photographing backlight , fun is also still using an external flash . I have Yong Nuo 58II. Cheap but the light is big enough.

Others again?

Dah was just enough. Entar funds run out for photographing equipment than for a sightseeing trip itself.