I remember when I first saw the workstation multiple monitors , sharp screen, the ability to work on multiple projects and ease of accommodating and monitoring of a number of windows at once (and bragging rights) seem like the stuff of dreams, I know I’m in love and want to setup my own there and then and I finally ended up getting one but it really worth it?

In this article, I will discuss some of the reasons why you’re better off spending your money earned from ultrawide monitor rather than having two or three displays side by side.

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Ultrawide Monitors - Two Monitors Not Necessarily Better Than One

Reason # 1: The Productivity Myths

 It seems reasonable to get more work done on multiple displays, each of which has a dedicated screen for the window are multitaskers fun but does it really get the job done in less time? Gary Keller in his book, The One Thing, mentioning the fact that we lost 28% of the average working day while juggling multiple tasks at once. Your brain is only capable of focusing on so much that once overwhelmed, it goes against you so that you pay the price through time and efficiency.

Sure, on the surface having multiple displays seem conducive to productivity but in reality, it is actually counter-productive, working with multiple screens mean having to get up repeatedly among those which require a reorientation of your focus every time you shift your gaze resulted in the loss of precious time. The solution, ultrawide monitor, these monitors come in various screen sizes ranging from 29 “to 34” diagonal, which means you get a more horizontal workspace via a single monitor than you would with a stuffed two or three displays together without having to go alternating forth from screen to screen.

So to get more done, ultrawide monitor is a far better choice compared to some display.

Reason # 2: Less Hassle

As I said before, I like having multiple monitors, it makes me look more techy and cool but I really hate dealing with seemingly endless cable.

A con, and one very big at the time, has a lot to show is that it is necessary to have a video card that you can attach multiple displays into, not to mention all the cables that come with multiple monitors, the end result is that I fumble through all the cords, knocking a few things over at my desk, trying to find all the places on my computer where I will attach all cables to the inside and then after going through hell and back, to again go through the hassle of entering displays’ to the power socket.

Love hurts and prepare all the displays that left me teary eyed, I wanted to give up but somehow managed to pass (after the endless struggle) trials, the end result is a work station that I could not use it for anything but put the monitor.

The solution, again, is the monitor ultrawide, not only do you get a working space is much larger, the setup time required is much less, you also get more space for other things on your desk than to have only three or four large screens occupying all the major regions. Should you build your own mini PC?

Reason # 3: More Visual Appeal

functional aspects aside, let’s talk a little about aesthetics, ultrawide monitor only looks more visually appealing than the multiple screens, sleek, beautifully curved screen is pleasant to look at and are engulfed by a plump appearance feels like happiness.

Gamers and movie lovers will rejoice at the area surrounded by a curved screen more naturally without bezels disrupt them distort their vision, so rest assured, the ability to glance seamlessly in each direction are other things going for ultrawide monitor.

Final Decision:

After discussing all the beauty of ultrawide monitor, a concern for most will be the price (at least for now). In the long term, however, as the competition is ripe, it was reasonable for the price down because the company will want to increase sales every which way they can.

So if affordability is not an issue, by all means go ahead and invest in a monitor ultrawide, the benefits are worth the cost and the experience is one that is truly amazing, or, if you can survive long enough for the price to topple down, gifts, once again, it is worth the wait. Either way, you will not be disappointed; after all, you get what you pay for, either with time or money. Read also: When to move and relocation of the data center?