Why bother to add accessories and peripherals camera if only with a camera you can already shoot.Perhaps you’ve heard the statement, and there is nothing wrong with the sentence as well. There are some people who do not feel the need for another photographic equipment such as Tripod. But whether Tripod is only useful as a buffer alone? So what are the uses and functions of the camera Tripod digital?  

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Before discussing more about the uses and  functions of a camera tripod , you need to know that the Tripod or commonly called the Three Legs is one additional camera accessories, shaped stand to prop the camera body. There are many different types of Tripod and so is its usefulness. What kind of functionality and usability of the camera Tripod? Is it just as a crutch instead?

Reduce fatigue sustain the burden of the camera

Seri what your DSLR camera? As it is known that the more expensive DSLR cameras, usually the larger size and heavier weight anyway. Only for DSLR Body weight alone is especially coupled with the lens. Pro or even amateur photographers are now doing a lot of upgraded lenses with different sizes. For over 105mm lens would have a big size and heavier than the kit lens. Here Tripod camera function, where you could be relaxing in the photograph. Soreness can be reduced.

Useful for shooting long exposure or shutter speed is low

Set your camera shutter speed (shutter speed) is low, for example 1/10 of a second, three seconds or even 25 seconds. After that, shoot and see the results. Figure doomed to vagueness, unfocused, blur and very unsatisfactory. It was not because of a problem with your camera, but not the strength of your hand prop the camera when used shooting at very low shutter speeds. Though there are many variations that can be created with the photo shutter speed rena, such as effect bulb at night and landscape water will look dramatic.

One way to overcome the effects of blur and unfocused in lace shutter speed shooting is to use a Tripod.This tool can help you stand with your camera stable without shaking and eventually you will produce good pictures. Not a problem without using a tripod if you use a shutter speed high.