Music is part of daily life for so many people, it can brighten your sour mood and it also give you strength to do things that you need to do everyday. You don’t need any other mood booster if you can enjoy music at its best quality. To have that, you need one of the best headphone out there, like this Velodyne Vfree wireless bluetooth headphones. If you don’t want to look the same like any other people with headphone, you can use other variation of skin to make your headphone looks unique and different with others.

Velodyne present a sleek designed headphone but packed with high quality bass inside it. And to make it more easier for you to use, there is control feature on the right cup of the headphone. So you won’t need to reach out for your phone or computer anytime you want to adjust its volume. With the wireless feature, you are free to use it anywhere and everywhere without being bothered by cables around your body. There are two colors you can choose to match it with your style, white and silver color.

There are sliders to help you fit this Velodyne Vfree comfortably on your head, and hinges allows you to fold this headphone when you are traveling. With only 6 ounces, Velodyne Vfree is very light in actual weight compared to how it looks. And it is also a great choice to accompany you for any activities. The shape of the cup forms an elegant V shape, which is the trademark of Velodyne products. To make it more comfortable, you can find the interior of the cups are lined with memory foam. That will make you still feel comfortable enough even if you already wear it for two hours straight on your head.