Choosing a minimalist concept into one of the trend setters that is currently developing in the community. Besides the price is relatively affordable, front porch railing ideas as well as home care that is not too large.

Tips for Choosing Desan and Model Minimalist

Even lately concept minimalist home became much in demand by the public. Given the lack of area housing because the population is increasingly crowded, also due to the limited time to care for the house.

Design and minimalist model homes are characterized by traits trendy, simple, environmentally friendly and do not spend a lot of land. Often this type of minimalist home is used by the middle class under the limited income.

If you want to choose the kind of minimalist home, you should consider the following tips:

Determine the extent of the land the house is minimalist

Designs and models essentially minimalist concept obviously does not need a lot of land. But keep in mind that the land in front of and behind the house is also important for the children’s playground and drying clothes.

If you choose a minimalist style, try on the front or back of the house there is a special space as a child’s play.


Make sure air circulation and light running well

Sometimes the condition of the house is too small and narrow to make the air circulation is not going well. You can get around this by raising the roof of the house and provide ventilation in every corner of the house.

Circulation of air that goes well will make your home feel cool and comfortable to live in.

But you should know that the use of excessive ventilation in the upper house if not done properly will make a bad impact.

The first is the adverse impact of rain water could get into the house when it rains accompanied by winds. In addition, the evening breeze can make the air in the house is getting cold.

Customize colors are modern

Choosing a minimalist home design can be viewed on the color of the house, make sure the color of your house seem modern minimalist and simple. If you need to consult with an expert interior design to get the design with the best color for you.

Use simple and small interior motif

One distinctive feature of the house is minimalist interior design that seemed simple and modern. Thus the use of interior motif is simple and small. The impression of the interior will feature a more modest home atmosphere seem more spacious and elegant.

Selection of the design and the minimalist model homes must also be adapted to the needs of families. Starting from the number of rooms to be used, the impression thematic desired house to preference for the model building. One thing is for sure, you are also obliged to pay attention to the type of building materials used in order to get the best building quality.

Easy remodeled for Development

Given the limited land conditions therefore make sure of architectural design, especially for the house foundation and basic framework meets the minimum standard for the development of the expansion of the house with multi-storey buildings.

These plans will help you to avoid wastage of costs that may arise from the development of space and the area in the future.