meat ball

Apart from the fatty meat, gravy Meatball can be contrived from cow bones. The origin of know the trick is more savory gravy is delicious.

The meatballs are tasty besides ball gravy, broth or gravy Meatball should also be tasty tasty. Generally the gravy Meatball made from the meat of tetelan or the incision with a fat cow. It could also be from the rib of beef.

But many sellers make Meatball soup from cow’s leg bones. Kaldunya more nodes, not too fatty and savory marrow remahan there. If you want to makeĀ  resep kuah bakso , follow these steps.

1. Bone
If making the broth bones of the foot itself is also not difficult. To walk the cow, buy on sellers of beef at traditional markets. It is generally sold whole. Buy one or two bones intact. Ask the seller to cut into two or three parts for easier entry into the pot perebus. Wash clean the bones of cows especially to eliminate former blood that stuck to the bone.

2. Seasoning
Other materials need to be prepared, the garlic, the number to the number broth. Memarkan coarse garlic. Pepper granules and instant chicken broth and salt to taste.

3. boil
Prepare the water in a large pot, for 1 piece of bone can be used 3 liters of water. Insert a piece of cow leg bones, boil briefly. Foster, waste water perebusnya. Poached back bones with clean water berjulah the same. Bring to a boil over low heat. Add the garlic and pepper and continue to cook until broth is reduced a quarter section.

4. Strain
Remove from the heat and strain the broth. Dredging-Dredging meat and muscles are attached to bones. If like, dredging is also the existing marrow in the bones. Mix into the broth. Return broth to cook and add 2 tbsp or 2 blocks of chicken broth and salt to taste. Boil briefly and lift. The broth is ready to be used for gravy Meatball.